Translator++™ for Excel is a revolutionary new technology that translates Excel spreadsheets into executable machine code at a click of a button. It converts Excel models into C++ programs, compiles and links workbooks with any associated VBA and program modules, and produces fast executable machine code.

Translator++™ for Excel is a proven, patented spreadsheet compiler technology (US Patent 7,530,013 B2). It has been successfully deployed and used by a number of large companies. It gives financial analysts, scientists and underwriters instant competitive advantage, allows "programming without programmers”, and enables unparalleled flexibility in modeling.

There's no coding. No debugging. No tedium of programming and reprogramming. You just focus on creating your Excel model. With one click, Translator++™ for Excel converts Excel models into executable machine code, with robotic precision and efficiency, fast and error-free. Instantly go from prototype model to production version.

Translator++™ for Excel helps you to:

Expedite:     Never again spend weeks or months on program development or modifications. Instantly convert Excel spreadsheets into the fast machine code.

Accelerate:      Run models faster, up to hundreds of times faster. No more waiting for your spreadsheets to recalculate. No more taking coffee breaks while waiting for the model to recalculate, no more waiting till morning for it to recalculate overnight. Your performance increase will be dramatic.

Secure:       No more worrying about others tampering with your spreadsheets or prying into your proprietary algorithms. Protect your intellectual property, the inner working of your models from prying eyes.

Build Models with Elegance, Ease and Precision:     Translator++™ for Excel comes packaged with Model Builder, which promotes structured and elegant architecture in modeling. It lets you quickly combine several sub-models, translated from different Excel spreadsheets, into a single main model. By utilizing your previously created models as building blocks, Model Builder gives you the power to build even very complex, comprehensive and sophisticated models easily.

Translator++™ for Excel also comes with DLL Tester , which ensures that your original Excel model and its compiled version perform the same calculations.

Add Power:    Right out of the box, Translator++™ for Excel comes with a number of additional powerful financial and statistical functions which augment the standard nomenclature of functions available in Excel. We created these functions specifically to enable sophisticated risk, financial, statistical and stochastic modeling. Using them boosts your productivity and helps you reach your business goals faster.

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